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Are blockchain open source projects 100% trustable?
it depends on the developers and team that is running the specific project.
What are your favorite Blockchain and Crypto related sites (blogs/channels/podcasts) that you follow regularly? Making a comprehensive list to share with the community., reddit subs, coindesk, bitcoin warrior
What problems can blockchain solve in education? Could blockchain technology work for record keeping system of school and colleges?
I would say for record keeping and possibly putting grades on the chain to be published and accessible. Therefore you wouldn't need to contact the institution to get an "official" record of your attendance
What legal documents are required for a ICO besides Privacy policy, Terms & Conditions and User Agreement. Do you have samples?
it really depends on what country you want to market to. if you want one in general world-wide then you need to research which countries need which documents for their citizens.
What do you think about our ICO? Fidcom. I'm open to any recomendation and criticism. Thanks in advance!
A few questions: 1. where are you getting your numbers for the mining operation? 2. what POW coin will you be mining? 3. How have you calculated the overhead for your mining operation? 4. From what you're proposing for this coin is to be a pseudo-dao with "moderators" for every mechanism in place? 5. how are you going to attract customers to your exchange from the current market dominators? 6. how are you going to insure your investments to the contributors to the ICO? 7. How did you come to value your company at 19.4+ million dollars? 8. how are you going to implement the payment services? which vendors do you currently have attached to the company? which ones are prospective?
What websites can you advise that will help my research in up-coming ICOs?
you can surf the boards at and reddit subs for any upcoming ICOs. bitcointalk has ANN threads that announce ICOs and preICOs.
What do I need to get started with investing in crypto? Any help is much appreciated!
Well, if you haven't done research into which coin you want to get into that is a way to go. Some of the older cryptos are a safe bet, ie bitcoin, litecoin, dash, ethereum, monero. That is if you want to put money into crypto and hold (or as older people say hodl ;D). There are a bunch of ICOs that are coming online that promise much, but are standoffish with US investors. (that's due to the SEC wading into the mix and ICOs could be considered securities) When it comes to it cryptocurrency is just another form of cash. You can find which vendors are accepting it as a form of payment and if you know of a vendor that is not you could approach them and ask if they do, open their eyes to it. There is a site: that could explain some things to you.
What are the implications of upcoming Segwit2x hard fork on Bitcoin? Is it good or bad for the wider community?
Truthfully I don't think it will have as big an impact as bitcoin cash did in august. From what I'm seeing there isn't as much support for it. The new coin (whatever it is) will come out and will be just another altcoin.
Hello, i'm trying to understand about bitcoin, and now, i meet 'blockchain'. Is there any relation between this two?
There are several sites out there that could help you with understanding. Though I would say try to see if that site could help you out any.
Why do companies need to issue a token to build on the blockchain
companies don't necessarily need to build a new coin to put anything on a blockchain. It's just that they use it as a crowdfunding opportunity and for them to try to "own/control" their chain. A blockchain is just a decentralized network that the miners build for the blocks of information. If you want more information go to or surf the boards at
What is Bitcoin Gold? I am not able to understand all the technical jargon about it!
Bitcoin Gold is another fork of the main Bitcoin chain, like Bitcoin Cash was back in August. The difference from what the Bitcoin Gold team is claiming is that they don't want to claim to be Bitcoin. They acknowledge that they will be different than the Bitcoin chain. Their differences are the way that miners will continue the chain, which is that they utilize a different code base that is supposed to be ASIC resistant. (ASICs being specialized mining computers which mine faster than the normal CPU computer or pool) The BTG team wants to go to "true satoshi" vision of 1 computer 1 vote on the consensus protocol. I hope this helps answer your question.
What are the exchanges from where I can buy cryptocurrencies other than BTC, Ether, and Ripple in India? I need to buy LTC, Dogecoin, Monero, Zcash etc. in India only. Anybody knows about that?
you can try poloniex, bittrex, cryptopia
What's the right time to buy Bitcoin. I want to be like "Buy and Forget" i.e. I want to keep it for a long term investment.
If you want to buy and forget, then now is the right time.
Are there blockchains to store distributed data like files and videos?
look into as well
We're launching a common ICO evaluation framework on HelpTap for everyone's benefit and will be reviewing and ranking each ICO based on predefined variables and scoring algorithm. Good idea?
I think it would be a good idea and a good way to cut through the noise in the current environment. Allow noobs to take a quick snapshot of the whole and see what's good for them, as well as potentially cut down on the scams.
What do u guys think of Helptap/Quora like platform running on blockchain?
I'm good for this :D
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