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Answers by Angie

I have a friend the just purchase his first Bitcoin and he doesn't have a Ledger wallet yet. What wallets support Bitcoin gold so he doesn't miss out of the free bitcoin gold?
Aside from the Ledger and Trezor wallets, you'll be able to claim BTC Gold from any wallet where you control the private key such as Jaxx, Exodus, Mycelium, Electrum and the Blockchain Wallet (these are all free ones). As there are some question marks in the community surrounding Bitcoin Gold, I'd recommend using a wallet that is not your usual one. For example, I'm storing all my Bitcoin in an Electrum Wallet for the fork but my usual wallet is my Exodous. ;) I personally don't feel comfortable handing over my Bitcoin private key to a new, unproven team so I've set up the Electrum as a 'burner wallet' just for this purpose.. ;)
Why is a good choice to invest in altcoins while bitcoin rise?
Hi Raul.. Ultimately, only you can can decide when is the right time for YOU to invest, but recent market activity certainly has presented some opportunities to buy into some great coins cheap. Most altcoin prices are taking a dip right now while everyone is stocking up on Bitcoin in time for the forks, so now could be a great time to stock up on coins you've had your eye on. As they say, buy the dips. And right now there's a whole lot of dipping going on! After the fork, I'd expect to the Bitcoin price come down and the altcoins to start gaining a little more so I'm stocking up on things like NEO, Stratis, Ark, OMG, Iota as well as few other great ones that are cheap right now.. (Don't take that as investment advice, these are just coins that I like/hold)
Hi guys and gals, what crypto currency exchange can you advise me for my crypto trading?
The major exchanges are Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex and Kraken. Where abouts are you located? If you're a US Citizen, you won't be able to use Bitfinex (unless you have a VPN). Bittrex is great and easy to use but it doesn't allow trading from crypto to fiat. Do you want to be able to trade back to $$? As well as those, you might also want to check out Gdax, HitBTC, Binance and Gemini. I also like Coinspot for trading in Australia. Decentrex is also a good decentralized exchange for tokens, as is EtherDelta, although EtherDelta isn't recommended for newbies as its not very easy to use. Good luck! :)
What does the company issuing coins in an ICO have to do with the money?
Money raised through and ICO/token sale could be for a variety of reasons such as product development, marketing, expanding the team etc but in any case, this should all be clearly outlined in the company's website/whitepaper/material. The company should be able to state a clear and valid reason why they want to raise money/release a token, how much they plan to raise and what they plan to do with the money. If these answers are not clear, perhaps that is an ICO you should stay away from.
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