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Answers by ⚡️Abhimanyu

What would be the best way to create a more stable ICO that maintains it's value and attracts buyers?
I think before jumping into ICO for the sake of it (which is mostly what's happening atm) the team needs to deliver a product that adds value to people's life and have a token/coins system which is part of the overall experience.
ICO should be a byproduct of this not the other way around...this is the most important part I guess
When you do decide to do an ICO, I guess keeping the process transparent in terms of token supply, distribution and usage of funding will attract more investors.
How can I learn about bitcoin trading and how to do analysis from graphs?
Trading generally is broken down into two buckets - 1/ fundamental 2/ technical (graphs)
Fundamental analysis relies on core value proposition of the asset/company under consideration e.g. the market dynamics, product, growth etc.
Whereas technical analysis is based more on historical data/stats to identify patterns
Bitcoin is just an asset. First you need to grasp these concepts than apply the knowledge to trade in any currency or company shares
There's a very nice book to learn technical analysis (I don't remember the name). Fundamental analysis comes with lot of experience and industry knowledge.
Hey Lakshya!
Good to have you here
Yeah, Nid mentioned about your interest and really great to hear that!
So what're doing right now? studying, working?
Oh, cool - what're looking for atm?
btw...I'm '06 IIT-BHU
Love your energy and offer to help Lakshya and would really like to get you involved in something. Give me a few days to get back, just a bit snowed atm with stuff as you can imagine ;)
Are you interested in marketing/evangelist kind of profile?
How does HelpTap work?
It's a community where people can share instant answers, opinions, recommendations etc. on chat
Our belief is that - all we seek is human connections to get things done of any kind so why not cut all the interfaces and middlemen and directly make it happen
You get queries based on your tags/interests
And you can simply accept the request and start helping the individual, like this :)
Hope it makes sense, would love to hear your feedback /thoughts🙏
What is the best free way to market a new crypto website/tool?
The best way to do it would be to identify the problem you're solving and for who...once that's out of the way you can focus on the channels that you can use to reach out to the audience
Ideally you should've have a working product in place
You can use various communities e.g. Forums, Slack channels, Twitter, and FB groups to build an initial set of customers
Once you've let's say 50-100 users you can focus on delivering exceptional value to them and conver them into your evangelists
This is something which has worked really well for us so far 😊
No worries, glad I could help! :)
Hey Robert - hoe
how's the project going? :)
What startups do you know working in the blockchain for good space?
I think philosophically speaking majority of startups who believe in Blockchain are fundamentally trying to do good for the society!
However I've also seen lot of scammers who're misusing this for their own benefits like making quick bucks...
A good one that come to mind is
Hey Cecile - came across this tweet which has few Blockchain for good projects listed so thought should share with you :)
What is an ICO pre-sale?
It's way to give early access to investors and create some buzz qround the project
That way when you full fledged ico you can show some credibility in the market
Also good way to get some funding for development of the project so a product is ready for the main ICO
I think starta is a do I spot a scam ICO project?
I keep this checklist / criteria:
1/ Working product
2/ Solid user base qith good validation
3/ Balanced and credible team with right tech and non tech skills
4/ prior investors and solid advisors
5/ Mission driven with long term detailed plan
6/ Token dynamics e.g. issuance process, cap, reserved for team, reserved for future etc
What are the more likely outcomes of cryptocurrency? If the US crypto illegal, will it survive? Russia seems to see crypto in a good light, Japan as well. Maybe the price will just drop?
Short term lot of volatility, long term a safe asset.
I doubt US will put a blanket ban on cryptos however some level pf regulation will perhaps be a welcome move and even strengthen the cryptocurrencies
sooner or later it will inevitably become mainstream so it's better to come out on the right side when dust settles down
How do I get the coins I have earned on helptap?
Once you help someone they will be able to tip you in help coins. These coins will become de facto currency on platform to exchange value for providing any knowledge or service e.g. you should see a 'Thanks' in this chat and if you like my response simply say thanks and reward me with some coins😊
Simply start accepting requests and get helping 👍
hope this helps!
is there a chance that bitcoin will become a reserve currency like gold?
There's definitely great potential for Bitcoin to become gold standard for the digital world!
In my view for an asset to become a reserve currency it must have fundamental (utility) value as per the belief held by many of us and for a long time.
On both these parameters Bitcoin is relatively early and it will be interestesting to see how the cryto space pans out
A friend recommended ICOT token to me ( to me but I can't find anything about it other than on the website. Usually there's something on Reddit about most ICOs. Is it a scam?
Hi Paul, my honest view would be to stay away from it. I just checked out some details on their site and quite frankly the whole deal feels quite sketchy to me.
It doesn't fare too well on the criteria that i usually use: working product, clear value proposition, validatied user base, all star team/ advisors and clear token dynamics
It fails miserably on at least 3 out of 5 measures
so in my view this feels like one of those "get rich quick" projects for the developers.
Just my 2 cents😊
Glad to help Paul!
There's so much noise out there that it's really to get dragged into something just coz of FOMO
I come from traditional VC investor background where we used these criteria to evaluate startups
and it works nicely for ICOs as well😊
Haha...true. Unless you can see the product yourself and check how people are using it. Generally stay away from those projects.
No worries, anytime😊
do you think the signature campaign in the bitcointalk forum is a blessing or a waste?
If you mean blessing from the perspective of a company sponsoring it than I'm not sure it is the case...
Mostly as a user on a thread I simply ignore those annoying signature ads
Banner blindness is a major problem right now and signature campaigns on forums look like an uglier version of the normal ads on websites
So in short in terms of ROI I don't think it's very meaningful
What websites can you advise that will help my research in up-coming ICOs?
Tokenmarket, smith and crown, are all good options
They have a good list and reviews/coverage of upcoming ICOs
For forums you can try reddit ICO subs, and few FB groups
Cointelegraph and other publications also cover few ICOs
What are helptap token are for?
Here's a thread and corresponding response that provides somw perspective
Basically they will become primary way of exchanging valuebon platform
Hello, i'm trying to understand about bitcoin, and now, i meet 'blockchain'. Is there any relation between this two?
Blockchain is a general infrastructure layer while Bitcoin is an application built on top of it. Think of it like Blockchain is the internet technology (the infrastructure layer) and Bitcoin is Facebook (the application layer)
e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves etc. use Blockchain as the underlying technology and concept but have different use cases
How can I add public responses to others questions? The only option I am given is private chat, which is fine as I am helping. I also want others to benefit from my insights.
Everything here starts as private chat first. If you wan to add a public response start chatting withe person and than in the chat itself you'll see an option to save your responses publicly. Just click on that button uner the question and start saving your messages as public answers and even add on your profile. e.g. I will now add this response to my profile 😊
What do u guys think of Helptap/Quora like platform running on blockchain?
Stay tuned, something BIG at HelpTap will be announced soon! 😉 ✌️
Does anyone know of good, passionate angel investors in HRTech space? Our product is up and running with good traction and PM Fit. We have our pitch deck ready, let me know if there are any good leads
Re: your request - I don't think there's any niche/sector specific investors you'll find in the HRTech space. Typically all investors are sector agnostic and are happy to look at your startup so no need to narrow down at this stage.
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